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Switch easily from iPhone to Android with Google Drive

Having an iPhone and you want to switch to an Android device? We totally understand you! Did you know that this can easily been done with the use of Google Drive? With the Google Drive app you can easily store the most important things from your iPhone into your Google account where they will be available on your new Android device. Unfortunately not everything can be copied, but the the main things are quickly brought to your new Android smartphone in this way.

First, you download the Google Drive app from the Apple store and log in with the Google account you want to use on your new Android device. In the app go to the app settings and than Backup. Here you can choose what you want to backup. The backup will send your contacts to Google Contacts, calendar events to Google Calendar and  the photos and videos to Google Photos.

After this you will only need to log in on your Android device to see all your important data. Your contacts are automatically displayed in the Contacts app, your events will be in your Google Calendar app and the Google Photos app will show all your photos, although the app does not download your photos directly to your device. Also many photos do not count towards the storage limit Google Drive if they stay below a certain resolution.

Unfortunately this method does not work for moving Whatsapp messages and media. Instructions can be found here.