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Will the new Vernee Thor E sports an E-ink display?

While Yotaphone was the first company to introduce the E-ink displays to smartphones, it seems like Vernee is about to release an E-ink sporting device too. This according to a recently leaked video. That E-ink displays are known for its high power-efficiency feature is well known to us.

Recent reports told us that Vernee will release a new model, the Thor E. It now seems like the Thor E maybe equipped with a special screen similar to the E-ink display of Amazon Kindle. Reports say the Vernee Thor E will be very thin and lightweighted device while it still sport a 5020 mAh battery. Vernee Thor E will be launched in May with a unknown pricetag.

It’s good to see Vernee working on this kind of technology, unfortunately we have our doubts if an E-ink display could work as a main display due to its, for example, refresh rates. We follow Vernee closely to see how they will develop this.



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