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Video: Xiaomi Mi Mix drop test. Advice: Don’t!

Due to the high screen-to-body ratio the Xiaomi Mi Mix is next to a beautiful phone, also a very fragile phone with so much glass on it and its lack of bezels. Will it survive an accidental drop? Well Youtuber JerryRigEverything has decided to find this out in drop test video.

The first drop is from a height of 15cm on concrete which doesn’t give a scratch on the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The second droptest is from 30cm on concrete which is surviving by the Mi Mix as well.

And finally a droptest from 60cm which finally breaks the Mi Mix, probably due to the fact that Mi Mix falls face flat where the ceramic gets loose and leaves two cracks that run across the whole length of the display.

So our advice, don’t drop the Xiaomi Mi Mix or buy a bumper case.