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Video: Ulefone shows camera performance Ulefone Tiger

With a pricetag of just $99.99 you can’t expect much about the camera of the Ulefone Tiger. In the latest video by Ulefone they want to show you that even the price is low you still get the best photo camera experience for your money.

The Ulefone Tiger features a Sony IMX219 8 Megapixel front camera (13 Megapixel interpolated) and at least from looking at the video the photos seems pretty good with a good focus, details and colors. Still these are just photos by Ulefone so the real handson photos will hopefully confirm the quality it showing.

It is expected that you will see some noise in low-light conditions though which is caused by the missing wide aperture of the used lens. Our first impression is that the photos don’t look bad considering it’s a $99.99 phone.