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Video: Ulefone Power 2 production

Ulefone has released a new video about the production of their mammoth battery device, the Ulefone Power 2 which shows how it has been assembled.

There is no big surprise on the assembly line, except that we can see the 6050mAh battery, which is really big. According to Ulefone, they have applied strict tests to ensure battery safety and before shipment every device will run some preset apps for more than 3 days to warm up the system. Confident about the prospect of Ulefone Power 2, Ulefone has prepared sufficient items in stock. That’s why they managed to fulfill all pre-orders in one week. As the sales keep up, Ulefone still has to produce the Power 2 at full capacity for timely delivery. Ulefone has a factory of their own in the city of Shezhen which givea them more freedom in design.


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