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Video: Ulefone Armor official battery test

The Ulefone Armor packs a 3500mAh battery which is not big these days but it should be big enough for a 4.7-inch HD display. A latest official test by Ulefone may help you have an estimation of the battery performance.

In the test, Ulefone has played an HD video, run the demanding game Asphalt 8 and keep the torch on for an half an hour which respectively drain the battery for 6%, 11% and 4%. See it for yourself.

The Ulefone Armor is now sold for $159.99 with a USD40 discount from the original price. Its specs include MTK6753 8-core chipset, 4.7-inch HD display, 3GB LPDDR3 RAM, 32GB Storage, 13MP camera, NFC, and gyroscope.