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Video: Ulefone Armor 2 features handy outdoor toolbox

Currently, we’ve seen the waterproof test, dust-proof test and drop test videos of the rugged device Ulefone Armor 2. Well, today we’ve got something new for you. The Armor 2 has an outdoor toolbox which contains some handy tools preinstalled and Ulefone made us a video as well.

Check out the video and you could find the toolbox contains 13 tools like a sound meter, compass, flashlight, bubble level,pic hanging, heart rate, height measure, magnifier,alarm, pedometer, plumb bob, protractor and pressure meter. Those handy tools can meet your basic needs whether in daily life or in the outdoors. For instance, you can use the sound meter to measure the environmental noise or the compass to navigate in unknown territory or when you get lost and you can also measure your heart rate by putting your finger on the phone’s camera and stay still for a few seconds.