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Video: Bluboo Edge display comparison and violent test

At this moment the Bluboo Edge is on presale which means that the Bluboo marketing department is releasing videos about the Bluboo Edge to show how the smartphone performs in various ways. This time we have two video for you, a display comparison and a violent test.

Display comparison

The Bluboo Edge comes with a 5.5 inch screen with a dual curvy design. The used OGS technology is also brings higher transparency and a lighter weight. Compared to general displays, the OGS screen produces richer colors and higher contrasts. Furthermore, the Bluboo Edge packs a dual-layer touch panel which is making the touch operation more stable, sensitive and accurate. And if the top layer of the touch panel does not work, you can still count on the second one. It will guarantee more reliable touch performance. It is worth mentioning that the Bluboo Edge is also an excellent gaming device thanks to the five-point multitouch screen. It’s obvious that the traditional single-touch or two-point touch could not satisfy the increasing demanding of game interaction.

To prove the premium display of Bluboo Edge, they have shared a video where the Bluboo Edge’s video playback performance gets compared with the iPhone 7 Plus. See the comparison by yourself and see how well it performs.

Violent test

Bluboo also shared a violent test of the Bluboo Edge. Although the Bluboo Edge is not launched as a rugged device, it’s always good to see how solid a device can be. In this video thhe back cover of the Bluboo Edge goes through a twist test and fire test. You can see that the it remains intact even though the back case is made out of plastic, it shows it has an extermely high endurance and flexibility. It’s said that Bluboo carefully choose special plastic material to guarantee excellent endurance.

As mentioned in the earlier reports, the Bluboo Edge is on presale at Gearbest up until November 24th. The presale pricing is set at $129.99.