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Ulefone U008 Pro has 3D Touch and customizable launcher

The Ulefone U008 Pro is sold for the special price of USD59.99 presently and with such a knockdown, Ulefone has still offered some fancy functions on the device to expand the users experience such as a simulative 3D Touch.

On the home screen, if you touch and slide up or down some apps, you will find a sub menu that pops out with an option to enter a certain function. For instance, you can slide up on the Contacts app to create a new contact directly. Though the function does not involve a 3D touch sensor, it looks quite easy to use. Besides, the Ulefone U008 Pro allows you to customize the launcher in many ways. You can switch to a single-layer home screen, add a zero screen or switch between a single and a double layer home screen, vertical and horizontal slide.

The Ulefone U008 features a MTK6737 1.3GHz chipset with 4G LTE compatibility, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 5-inch HD display, 13MP camera and a 3500mAh big battery. You can get it for USD59.99 at GMT+8 4:00 pm everyday with limited supplies at Banggood.