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Ulefone gives 1st 2017 flagship away in $1 lottery

Ulefone has announced that they would release several high-end models in the first season of 2017 and today, they offer a chance for you to win one of them with a chip of USD1 in the latest lottery on Ulefone Website.

Ulefone says their first flagship, which is unnamed, will have a ground-breaking design, performance, energy supply and camera. But they have neither offered a picture nor specified any specs, so it’s a surprise for everyone. Anyway, you can better $1 for a lottery ID or $3 for three ones at most if you are interested. The lottery will end once there are 99 bets, while the wining ID will comply with the result from the Powerball on January 11.

Since it is lottery, you will of course lose your 1 dollar if you are not the winner. And if there are less than 99 bets until January 10, Ulefone refunds all participants.

You can find the lottery here.