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The knights story of the UHANS U300

A long long time ago, there were legends of knights who fought for honor. Though they are gone now and replaced by the magical superheroes created by the famous Marvel and DC, the faith of knights shines on still. Armed with noble spirit, in the midst of blood and carnage, they remained brave, humble, compassionate, honest, loyal and restlessly fought for honor and justice. So does the UHANS U300.

It puts itself in the fight among traditional smartphones and rugged phones, using a innovative chic design to differentiate from them, regardless of what the world would say about it. Not every phone can do such Mercedes-Benz design like U300. All the streamlines, titanium alloy and clous de Paris incarnate the style of simplicity in an understated way , which differentiates itself from the traditional luxury smartphones from Vertu, Hanmac. That’s act of self-awareness, rebellion of rule-breaker, rise of innovation. You deserve a marvelous and adventurous smartphone that objects to the ordinary.

The chivalry lives more than that on the outside. The compact design as well as the IP65 allow the body to resist any water splash and dust in daily life, as tough as an armored knight. Its consists of the MediaTek MT6750, 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage, tough Gorilla Glass 4, 5.5-inch FHD display and a huge 4750mAh battery. All these are the invisible armor, sword and shield that define the chivalry of U300 in a strong and pleasantly noble way. Though the adventure ahead may be dark, it’ll still shine in glory.

It is the fight for honor and loyalty to the values of life in this world. The chivalry never dies.

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