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New 6 inch Elephone S8 features 2K display

While the marketingmachine is still running on full speed for the Elephone P8 mini, the company is already showing us it’s new the device, the Elephone S8 which is still in a concept fase.

According to the company this new device will be a 6 inch device with a tri-bezel-less display which sports a 2K resolution (1080×2048). A 2K display will give you a better experience while playing games and VR because of the high details and sharp display.

Furthermore the Elephone S8 is expected to feature a 4000mAh battery, a must we say due the large screen size and resolution.

A date or pricetag or even if the device will hit the market is still unknown, but if Elephone can put this device on the market for a good price they might have a winner.

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