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Helio P15 SoC announced by Mediatek

Mediatek has announced a new chips today, the Helio P15 which seems to be an upgrade of the Helio P10 chip that was released last year. Overall the Helio P15 chip is the same as the Helio P10 chip, it has the same TSMC 28nm HPC+ process and eight A-53 cores. Compared to the Helio P10 the Helio P15 will support a higher clockspeed of 2.2 Ghz while the Mali-T860 GPU is clocked at 800Mhz. For the record, the Helio P10 was clocked at 2.0 Ghz and the GPU at 700Mhz which means the Helio P15 will have 10% more power than its predecessor.

The Helio P15 is the fifth chip following the Helio P20/P25 and Helio X30/X35 that Mediatek has announced in recent months. For now there is no news yet when the chip will be available, but we expect that it won’t take long before the first manufacturers will announce their new Helio P15 supported smartphones.