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Elephone P8 NXP audio amplifier creates an audio-visual feast!

A smartphone with a good sound effect gives you a pure and real music experience, no matter using an headset or speaker. The Elephone P8 which features a NXP audio amplifier will give a great sound experience. With the chip, the Elephone P8 can produce the bass very well and will reduce noise to protect the speaker.

The NXP audio amplifier has already attracts the attention by many top brands, we can find the NXP audio amplifier in some top brands flagships, such as Apple, Vivo and etc. For giving the best user experience, Elephone has added this audio amplifier on the P8 also.

Let’s see the video to check Elephone P8’s sound performance. To get the max out of the Elephone P8 it is advised to use an high-end headset to get the best out of the P8’s NXP audio amplifier. From the video we think it performs very well, although we must admit that the real performance can be rated in real life though.


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