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Elephone P25 will be available in Mocha Gold color option

What’s your most concerned factor when choosing a phone? After a period of domestic and international market research, Elephone has come to the conclusion as following: The performance takes up for about 45% of your choice while the appearance is good for 28%. As you can see, the first impression of a handset is also an influential factor for buying a device.

In 2016, Elephone did a constant innovation by applying many brand-new elements in their phone designing that many other manufacturers dare not to try. And this will continue in 2017 too. Elephone has announced that the Elephone P25 with a 5.5 inch display will also come in mocha gold color option.  Moka Gold metal enclosure will not only please your eyes, but also fits comfortably in your hand.
After the continuous efforts in 2016, 6GB RAM has already been leading the trend and Elephone will follow which means the Elephone P25 will feature 6GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM.

How do you like the Mocha Gold Elephone P25? What other colors do you believe would fit a mobile device best?