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No more news, just reviews

As you may not know, ChinaTechToday is maintained by just one person. Like any other tech junk I had a dream of running a world known blog about gadgets. Although CTT is not well known and certainly not the biggest around, the blog still had a great fanbase and has even a cooperation with a great chatcastchannel by PrimeStyleLTD.

Unfortunately technology goes fast which means a lot to write, sometimes 10 articles a day. No big deal if you got enough time, but not for a working daddy with two jobs, two kids and a lot of study to do (for your information I am studying app development). This means a lot of stress and even gave me health problems. Daily readers must have already noticed it, the amount of newsposts decreased to max 2 or 3 a week. Even sometimes none a week.

After a long and tough decision I have decided to stop posting news items, there are great blogs around the web for this. ChinaTechToday will from now go further as ChinaTechToday: The Reviews and will feature some nice reviews now and then. I will evaluate this spin off at the end of the year. If it doesn’t work out, it will probably be the end of CTT.

Sorry for the bad news, but this man has to focus on priorities. For now thank you for reading and hope to see you back for some awesome reviews!