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Video: MGCOOL Explorer 2C vs SJCAM SJ6 Legend

MGCOOL has released a comparison video showcasing the recently released Explorer 2C and SJCAM SJ6 Legend. Initially, the video examines the specifications of both action cameras in the form of the chart. The video compares the image captured using both cameras side by side with the features.

Even though the white balance and EV values are same, the difference is in the resolution. We can see that the image captured by the MGCOOL Explorer 2C looks far better than SJ6 Legend.

If you watch the video demo, you can see that the 4K video sample captured using the MGCOOL Explorer 2C looks brighter than SJ6 Legend. Moreover, the low-light samples of the Explorer 2C looks sharp than the other camera.

The main highlight of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the integration of 7G Sharp lens with 170-degree wide viewing angle. The camera offers 7 layers of all glass lens to increase light intake and filter out stray light. While the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is integrated with a Sony IMX078 sensor, the SJCAM SJ6 Legend is equipped with a Panasonic-branded sensor.

The core reason for you to invest for the Explorer 2C is the price factor. If you buy SJ6 Legend, you will have to pay $159, which is more expensive than the MGCOOL Explorer 2C which is priced at only $99. The above video is a testimony to the fact that the Explorer 2C will be capable of capturing brilliant real-life visuals that you can cherish for ever.


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