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Video: MGCOOL CAM 360 panorama underwater demo

In the last several years, you may heard about many panorama cameras like the insta360, RICOH Theata, Samsung Gear and so on. You may have seen some beautiful landscape shot by these 360° cameras and there are many underwater scenery shot by these cameras too. Now there is the consumer – level underwater panorama camera by MGCOOL; the MGCOOL CAM 360.

As we know, MGCOOL CAM 360 is produced by MGCOOL in 2016 and has won some popularity in the market on the basis of a competitive price and high-quality images, according to the manufacturer.  Moreover, the MGCOOL CAM 360 can be used during skydiving, surfing, mountain climbing, but also you can shoot beautiful pictures underwater without any worries.

Now, let’s have a look what looks like when you use a panorama camera underwater. You can buy the MGCOOL CAM 360 here.