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MGCOOL releases official app for the MGCOOL Band 2

Followed by the release of the MGCOOL Band 2, MGCOOL released it’s official app for this smartband which is developed by their in-house development team. According to MGCOOL the man goal of the official app was to bring the best experience for the smartband owners. The app is designed to be simple and user-friendly. In operation the users just need to open the bluetooth on the phone, click “device” on and the app will automatically find the MGCOOL Band 2 and then click pair. That’s just it.

After pairing you will see all data of your walking and running exercises, sleeping time and heart rate. All your movement data will be at one place. Moreover, the MGCOOL Band 2 supports taking pictures and video, music control, notification of incoming call, message and whatsapp, etc. The app is available at the Google Play Store.

More about the MGCOOL Band app is shown in the operation demonstration below:

The MGCOOL Band 2 is available at Gearbest for $23,28.