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MGCOOL Explorer 2C Hot Features Exposed

MGCOOL is a very much popular company among tech geeks since they have released a wide range of Explorer 1 series action cameras. The company has released the Explorer ES, Explorer 1S, and Explorer Pro including a wide range of accessories.

According to leaks from the labs, the production team is gearing up to launch the MGCOOL Explorer 2 action camera with new features. However, the company has still a long way to go to manufacture a camera with all these unique features.

Hence, the product team has decided to launch the MGCOOL Explorer 2C with almost all the goodness of the upcoming Explorer 2 camera.

The main attraction of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the integration of a 2-inch touch display alongside support for 7-glass HD 170-degree wide angle lens. The upcoming action camera will also ship with advanced features such as spot metering, 3-axis gyroscope, GPS, motion detection including the ability to pause video recording.

Like the previous cameras, the MGCOOL Explorer 2C will also enable you to capture 4K images and videos. You can also capture images up to 20MP. The product package will ship with a waterproof case, which can resist up to 30m depth. The integrated Wi-Fi capability helps you to transfer and share files with simplicity.

With the help of the large 2-inch touch display, you can navigate settings page in an intuitive manner. You just need to use your fingers to perform various tasks similar to that of a smartphone.

The MGCOOL Explorer 2C is expected to launch within the next month. What do you think about the above features? Isn’t it cool? Leave your comment below, please.