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MGCOOL Explorer 2 features GPS

In 2016, GoPro released their Gopro Hero 5 which has GPS functionality. In 2017, MGCOOL plans to launch its new Explorer 2 which has all kind of functions to be comparable to other action camera brands like the GoPro. MGCOOL already has exposed a few functions of the new Explorer 2, such as a touchscreen, H.265 and 4k/30fps recording. At the same time, the new Explorer 2 also has GPS positioning functionality.

When shooting a lot of videos and photos, it can be hard to remember where every single location was filmed. With the provided GPS in the Explorer 2 it is easy to remember all of these wonderful places. For example, if you ride in the forest and you discover a kind of exotic animal or plant. Just grab your Explorer 2, take your photo or video and the GPS tag will help you find the place easier in the future. The functionality helps you also to make travel log or footprint of your journey.

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