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Introducing MGCOOL Band 3 fitness tracker

As we just heard of pieces of news about some young workers had excessive workout, but they just failed to lose weight or came with more serious health problem. Especially for office workers who usually dedicate much time at work and want to have an effective workout. What MGCOOL is ...

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Video: MGCOOL Explorer 2C Official Introduction

MGCOOL has released an introduction video of the newly launched MGCOOL Explorer 2C action camera. The main highlight of MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the integration of a 2-inch touch display, which helps you to manage the functions easily and efficiently. The video begins with the usage of the display alongside ...

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Video: MGCOOL Explorer 2C vs SJCAM SJ6 Legend

MGCOOL has released a comparison video showcasing the recently released Explorer 2C and SJCAM SJ6 Legend. Initially, the video examines the specifications of both action cameras in the form of the chart. The video compares the image captured using both cameras side by side with the features. Even though the ...

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Video: MGCOOL Explorer 1S Scuba diving test

MGCOOL Explorer 1S is a premium action camera with the ability to capture 4K images and videos. Moreover, the camera is water-resistant up to 30m. Now, the company has released two stunning videos, which explores real under-sea scuba diving with the Explorer 1S camera. The highlight of the newly unveiled ...

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No.1 announces IP68 F4 sportswatch

After the successful No.1 F3 watch , No.1 is about to release a new model in smartwatch lineup with an unexpected model name….the F4. The No.1 F4 is a sport smatwatch with a IP68 waterproof rating. The No.1 F4 is designed as a “multi-sport” smartwatch which is capable to tracking ...

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MGCOOL Explorer 2C closeup shots revealed

MGCOOL has recently announced the launch of the next-generation flagship Explorer 2C action camera. The main feature of the MGCOOL Explorer 2C is the addition of a 2-inch touch display. The latest news from the labs is that the company has released some real closeup images of the camera. You ...

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